The great return of Mittelfest in Piazza Duomo

The great open-air stage of Mittelfest, in its 32nd edition, returns in style to Piazza Duomo, an incredible location for great artists.

It begins with the incredible inaugural concert  Janoska Style Goes Symphonic (premiere on 21 July), with the exceptional encounter between the Austro-Slovak Janoska Ensemble and the symphonic breath of the FVG Orchestra, Mittelfest’s resident orchestra, which will make the regularity of the canon and the vital breath of its own breakup duet, in a succession of ironic references between the central European classical repertoire and surprising variations.

Also premiering on 22 July is a tribute to the centenary of Italo Calvino, whose  Il visconte dimezzato, a play starring Vinicio Marchioni and live music by some of the musicians from Radio Zastava, will be staged.

On 23 July, the Piazza Duomo and its audience will be able to let themselves be drawn into the refined interweaving of musical references, where three celebrated Vivaldi concertos are united and reformulated with new compositions inspired by them, written by Oscar winner Nicola Piovani, with  Tre fenomeni. Piovani – Vivaldi i concerti della natura.

Sighs of enchantment also for the national premiere of  Proper mess + Pyrodise, in which Hungarian artists explore the wonders and dangers of circus art and vertical dance, in a play between risk and probability.

Also from Hungary, Besh o droM, on 26 July, a band that for two decades has fascinated audiences around the world with its challenge to genre categorisation.

More music on 28 July in Quadri di un’esposizione,, where image becomes sound, with the talented Elia Cecino, undisputed promise, and Federica Fracassi, from an idea by Alexander Gadjiev.

Erri de Luca and Cosimo Damiano Damato‘s Le rose di Sarajevo  with Giovanni Seneca’s Minuscola Orchestra Balcanica, pays tribute to the poet Izet Sarajlić, singer of the city of Sarajevo and witness to the Bosnian tragedy. So much so that at the time of the siege, citizens went to his poetry evenings in the darkness of a city without electricity. The performance will feature poems and letters that the Bosnian poet exchanged with Erri de Luca himself.

The grand closing of the 32nd edition of Mittelfest will be rock, with the Fast Animals and Slow Kids, on stage exceptionally with the Arcangelo Corelli Orchestra, who will take us into impetuous and rounded musicality at the same time, making rock ‘swerve’ towards sentimental lines, to the point of poetry.