From 10 to 25 Euro, on sale from Tuesday 13 July, online at

Vivaticket call centre: 892.234

Vivaticket points of sale: the full list is available on the website at

Reservations required for free events on the website


Reduced price for over-65s, account holders at Banca di Cividale SpA, residents in Cividale del Friuli, FVG Card holders, members of Fogolârs Furlans of Ente Friuli Nel Mondo.

Special reduced price for young people under 26.

Special agreements: Italo

Children: free admission with reservation required (via Info Point and email for children under 5 years of age.

10€ Tickets

Mnémosyne – performance; Racconti a briglia sciolta; Mittelyoung Project; Uguale ma più piccolo; A Waste of Time; Gap of 42.

15€/13€/10€ Tickets

Remote Cividale del Friuli; Letra/Lettera; I don’t want to be an individual all on my own; Turn Off Subtitle (or Ode to Giuseppe Molinari);  Galileo’s Journey – Il viaggio di Galileo; Aere Fragmenta; They Have Waited Long Enough; Signal at Cividale.

18€/15€/13€ Tickets 

Once Upon a song in Balkans; Sisyphus; Pli.

20€/18€/15€ Tickets 

Devil’s Bridge/Il Ponte del Diavolo; Entente harmonique, Timp e Tiare, My Husband, Six Memos, Due Padri ed altri animali feroci.

25€/20€/18€ Tickets 

Europeana – Breve storia del XX secolo; Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Fazil Say per Mittelfest; Le Divine donne di Dante.

FREE (reservation required)

EmpatiAR 2021 – Mittelfest Cividale Digital; Tutte quelle famiglie felici; Carlo e Nadia – Studio intorno ad un incontro; Laboratori, Mittelimmagine; Forums, meetings