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The open call for mittelyoung 2023 is out

On 15 December, the international open call of mittelyoung officially opens: artists and companies under 30 from 27 countries will be able to propose their shows and be selected to form the 2023 program which will be staged from 18 to 21 May in Cividale del Friuli and Nova Gorica.

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MITTELFEST 2023: “Inevitable”

Mittelfest unveils the theme of the 2023 edition. The Festival continues towards and with GO!2025, strengthening its international vocation also with Mittelyoung. Mittelbabel is also on the way

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MITTELFEST 2022: IMPREVISTI (the Unexpected)
12 / 15 May – 22 / 31 July
Cividale del Friuli
Artistic direction Giacomo Pedini

Among the protagonists of mittelfest: Paolo Fresu, Pamela Villoresi, La Rappresentante di Lista, Flavio Santi, Giuseppe Manfridi, Alexander Gadjiev, Mats Staub, Jeton e Blerta Neziraj, Liquid Loft, Michele Marco Rossi, Anatolij Akerman, Glauco Venier and many others.

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