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Cividale del Friuli

mittelfest 2023

dal 21 al 30/7

mittelyoung 2023

dal 18 al 21/5


Mittelyoung 2022 OpenCall

An open call for theatre, music, dance and multidisciplinary/circus projects of UNDER-30 artists, companies and collectives from 27 countries of Central Europe and the Balkans. 9 projects for Mittelyoung (12-15 May 2022) the 3 best projects for Mittefest (22 July-31 July 2022).

MITTELFEST 2022: “The Unexpected”

The Unexpected is the theme of the 2022 edition of Mittelfest, chosen by Artistic Director Giacomo Pedini: a word capable of evoking a rich imagination made up of chances and possibilities, but also of choices and ability to react.
Mittelfest 2022

mittelyoung 2022

from 12nd to 15th May

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