Mittelfest — Music

Margherita Vicario

Orchestra La Corelli

Piazza Duomo
duration to be defined
28/07 - 21:30

A singer-songwriter, actress, podcast author and debut director with the highly acclaimed Gloria!, Margherita Vicario sings by bending the seduction of melody to the storytelling of touching everyday life, social awareness and pop lightness. Adventures of madness and war, as in Magia. Claims for women’s rights, as in Ave Maria. Questions about the planet we inhabit in an increasingly unsustainable way, as in Canzoncina. Exploded fragments of a sound discourse, inviting us to reflect through songs, now enriched by a classical orchestra, La Corelli.

In case of bad weather, the show will be held in Teatro Palamostre in Udine

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with Orchestra La Corelli
director Carmelo Emanuele Patti

co-production Ravenna Festival, Borgate dal Vivo e Mittelfest2024