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Besh o droM 

Besh o droM

Piazza Duomo
75 minutes
26/07 - 21:30

Besh o droM, a renowned Hungarian world music band, has been captivating audiences around the world for two decades with their unique and multifaceted musical identity that defies genre categorisation. Their name has come to represent a fusion of unrestrainable rhythm, melodious tunes, instrumental virtuosity, and a guarantee of cheerful, dance-driven audiences. With their rock star energy, Besh o droM, transcend cultural boundaries and produce daring reinterpretations of traditional songs, collecting impressions and sounds from all over Eastern Europe. Going wild is inevitable!

In case of bad weather, the show will be held in the Church of San Francesco


with Lili Fundák-Kaszai, Adam Pettik, Gergely Barcza, Vilmos Seres, Gábor Légrádi, Máté Hámori, Attila Herr, Ádám Ákos Szumper

production Besh o droM