Mittelfest — Music

Le Rose di Sarajevo

Erri De Luca/Cosimo Damiano Damato

Piazza Duomo
90 minutes
29/07 - 21:30

The show will be held in Teatro Ristori

Le Rose di Sarajevo (The Roses of Sarajevo) is a tribute to the poet Izet Sarajlić, who wrote about his city and witnessed the Bosnian tragedy, but they are also the furrows dug into the ground by the shell bursting. Here, on stage, Damato reads some of Sarajlić’s poems and then duets with De Luca: together they give voice to Lettere fraterne (Brotherly Letters), the epistolary between Sarajlić and De Luca themselves. Giovanni Seneca’s Minuscola Orchestrina Balcanica embarks their words on a musical ship with irresistible Balkan-Mediterranean atmospheres, for a choral and intimate tale of one of the darkest pages of recent European history. 

In case of bad weather, the show will be held in Teatro Ristori


by Erri De Luca and Cosimo Damiano Damato

with the Minuscola Orchestra Balcanica of Giovanni Seneca

Anissa Gouizi and Gabriele Pesaresi 

production Kino Music srl