Unveiled the image of Mittelfest 2022

“The image, or rather the collage of drawings, comes from what Mittelfest tells in this edition, or rather the relationship with the unknown and with everything that surprises us, excites us, frightens us, leaves us displaced or petrified – he explains Pedini – Unforeseen is a theme that also touches on the uncertainties of recent years, first the pandemic and now, tragically, the war in Ukraine. Yet, it is also an invitation to be happily humble, to give yourself the opportunity to be amazed by the world, not to think that everything is taken for granted and already written: what happens around us and that we can neither know nor control, not necessarily comes to hurt, it can be an opportunity to improve. Here lies the value of each of us, in knowing how to react and give the best shape to unexpected events, for ourselves and for others. These unexpected possibilities are told by the many bizarre and unsettling stories that we have enclosed in the Mittelfest 2022 image and that will be part of the festival and Mittelyoung shows”.