The show “EUROPEANA” with Lino Guanciale goes on tour

The show directed and performed by Lino Guanciale, in a co-production Wrong Child Production and Mittelfest2021 and in collaboration with Festival Ljubljana, is arriving in a dense tour.
In addition to the programming, from 21 March to 2 April, at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan and, from 28 to 30 April, at the Communal Theatre in Ferrara,, there are also dates in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

Foto © 2021 Luca d’Agostino / Phocus Agency

Friuli Venezia Giulia will host the show:
13 January: Teatro Verdi in Gorizia
14 and 15 January: Teatro Rossetti in Trieste

In Veneto region:
January 16: Remondini Theater in Bassano del Grappa
17 January: Camploy Theater in Verona
18 January: Farinelli Theater in Este
January 19: Multiplex Pio C MPX in Padua
20 January: Villa dei Leoni Theater in Mira

Foto © 2021 Luca d’Agostino / Phocus Agency

Like a reporter from another planet or from the future, who came to collect shreds of European civilization in the most contradictory of its centuries, Patrik Ourednik crosses the twentieth century with his Europeana, passing with ease from the use of gas in the trenches of the Great War to invention of the bra, from the Normandy landings to the appearance of refrigerators and hair dryers. Thus was born a tale of our recent past, terrible and funny at the same time, incredible and simple, where exceptionality and frivolity all find their place.
Lino Guanciale, in dialogue with the accordion of the Slovenian Marko Hatlak, transforms Ourednik’s torrent of episodes and stories into a sentence as long as a show, where we pass in one fell swoop from tragedy to farce.


Patrik Ourednik Copyright © 2001 Patrik Ourednik
Andrea Libero Carbone © 2017 Quodlibet srl
regia e con
Lino Guanciale
musiche eseguite dal vivo da
Marko Hatlak, fisarmonica
costumi ed elementi di scena
Gianluca Sbicca
Carlo Pediani
Wrong Child Production e Mittelfest2021
in collaborazione con
Ljubljana Festival

Foto Manuel Scrima