La Cripta dei Cappuccini
(The Emperor’s Tomb)

11/05 - 20:45
Teatro Verdi di Gorizia
10/05 - 19:30
Teatro Verdi di Gorizia
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Natalino Balasso is Trotta, the protagonist of The Emperor’s Tomb, the famous novel by Joseph Roth. The parable of an awkward viveur, from his dissolute adolescence in early 20th-century Vienna to the Nazi annexation of Austria in 1938, who passes unscathed and unaware through the Great War, the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the economic boom of the 1920s, the upheaval of customs and libertarian and liberticidal impulses. He is a man overwhelmed by events, unable to embrace the fashions of the time, groping in a shattered Central European world of dissolute friends, foolish cousins, tyrannical mothers, ambiguous wives and girlfriends, adventurers, braggarts, failed soldiers and nobles: a barren age with no future, which in its variety is so reminiscent of the Europe of a hundred years later. It is a merry-go-round, a babel, a satire of nostalgic aristocrats, rampant profiteers and drawing-room progressives, swirling around a lonely man as he tries to understand himself together with the audience.

Performed in Italian with Slovenian and English surtitles

Student Preview Friday 10 May/Premiere Saturday 11 May 2024

First part of the trilogy Inabili alla morte/Nezmožni umreti

La Cripta dei Cappuccini (The Emperor’s Tomb)

by Joseph Roth


Italian translation Laura Terreni

adaptation Giacomo Pedini and Jacopo Giacomoni


directed by Giacomo Pedini

dramaturg Jacopo Giacomoni

set design Alice Vanini

costumes Gianluca Sbicca and Francesca Novati

music Cristian Carrara

performed in a recording by FVG Orchestra

conductor Paolo Paroni

lights Stefano Laudato

sound and phonics Corrado Cristina

assistant director Francesca Lombardi

language coach Francesco Borchi


with Natalino Balasso (Franz-Ferdinand Trotta)

and with (in alphabetical order)

Nicola Bortolotti (Joseph Branco)

Primož Ekart (Count Chojnicki)

Francesco Migliaccio (Manes Reisiger/Baron Kovacs)

Ivana Monti (Mr.s Trotta)

Alberto Pirazzini (Bubi Kovacs/doc. Grünhut/Sentinel)

Camilla Semino Favro (Elisabeth Kovacs)

Giovanni Battista Storti (Jacques/Adolf Feldmann/Jadlowker)

Simone Tangolo (Kurt von Stettenheim/Jan Baranovitsch/Soldier/Friar)

Matilde Vigna (Jolanth Szatmary)


stage director Alberto Antonel

stagehand Elisabetta Ferrandino

chief electrician Ivan Bortolus

electrician Enrico Mansutti

props master Gaia Agozzino

make-up and hairstyling Nicole Tomaini

video services Entract Multimedia

tailoring and assistant personnel Servizi Teatrali srl


scenes made at Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione workshop

costumes by Bàste srls

staging director and coordinator Stefano Laudato


production Associazione Mittelfest


artistic director Giacomo Pedini

secretary general Nadia Cijan

production manager Patrizia Furlano

organisational manager Alessandro Amato

technical manager Stefano Laudato

curator and assistant artistic director Francesca Novati-Bàste srls

dramaturg Jacopo Giacomoni

administration Daria Labano

promotion Marianna Iob

assistant to the secretary general Gabriele Buttera

production-organizational assistant Arianna Bulfone

technical assistant Paolo Danelone


graphic design DM+B & ASSOCIATI

photography Luca A. d ‘Agostino – Phocus Agency

video Massmedia by Stefano Bergomas

social media manager Marta Coretti

national press office Giulia Calligaro

macro-regional press office Francesca Gatti

foreign press office for Inabili alla morte (Unfit for death) Mobius Industries

press office collaborators Gianna Carbonaro, Giulia Daluiso, Gabriella Scrufari


photo of Natalino Balasso © Massimo Battista