The theme of the 2023 edition has been unveiled. Mittelbabel, the archive and historical memory of 30 years of Mittelfest, is also on its way. New steps towards and with GO!2025

Inevitable: this is the theme of the 2023 edition of mittelfest, chosen by the artistic director Giacomo Pedini, a word that evokes the inextinguishable opposition between fate and the possibility of choice, between immutability and free will.
“Our time, if looked back, stretches linear and sure, like the thread woven by the Latin Fates, or by the Germanic Norns, the arcane spinners of intricate human events. Any fact is revealed as an inevitable moment of a single and long history.
So, does it mean that the choices we make are not choices, because they are determined by an already given destiny?”

Mittelfest #inevitable awaits you from 21 to 30 July 2023

Instead, the Mittelbabel project presented today by its creator and curator, Roberto Canziani, is a journey into the past of mittelfest.
Mittelbabel is the archive and historical memory of mittelfest, a digital platform created by the Zeranta studio, and will allow everyone to consult all the materials of 30 years of mittelfest. The project is already under development and will be constantly updated in the coming years.

Furthermore, the third edition of the mittelyoung international under30 festival is approaching. After being welcomed in Gorizia in 2022, mittelyoung will be a guest at the SNG in Nova Gorica in 2023 on its first day of the festival.
Also announced the opening date of the international Open Call for mittelyoung 2023: December 15, 2022

Mittelyoung #unavoidable from 18 to 21 May 2023

Also confirmed in 2023 is the close synergy with Cividale del Friuli and with the territory, starting from the Municipality up to the system of municipal museums, with the National Archaeological Museum, with the Parish of Santa Maria Assunta and the Christian Museum, with the Paolo Deacon, with the Somsi and with the Curtil of Firmine.

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