Mittelfest 18 performances€‎ 198€‎ 156€‎ 144
Mittelfest 12 performances€‎ 144€‎ 132€‎ 120
Mittelfest 7 performances€‎ 98€‎ 84€‎ 77
Mittelfest 5 performances€‎ 70€‎ 65€‎ 70

The following shows are excluded from the “7” and “5” season tickets: Europeana. A brief history of the twentieth century; Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Fazil Say for Mittelfest; Le Divine donne di Dante.

Reduced price: over-65s, account holders at Banca di Cividale SpA, residents in Cividale del Friuli, young people under 26, FVG CARD holders, members of Fogolârs Furlans of Ente Friuli Nel Mondo, special agreement with Italo.

Children free of charge: on all performances up to 5 years of age. Reservation required.

FAMILY PROJECTFull price for each performanceCumulative price for 6 performances
La giostra€‎ 2€‎ 6
Racconti a briglia sciolta€‎ 2€‎ 6
A Waste of Time€‎ 10
Gap of 42€‎ 10

With 1 child under 5, one adult reduced price ticket at € 8.

With 2 children under 5 years, two adult reduced price tickets at € 8.

12 performances€‎ 144
6 performances€‎ 78
4 performances€‎ 56

The composition of carnets is free and subject only to the availability of seats. The following shows are excluded from this offer: Devil’s Bridge/Il Ponte del Diavolo; Entente harmonique; Europeana, Le divine donne di Dante, Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Fazil Say for Mittelfest.


Cumulative ticket for the three shows selected by Mittelyoung at € 24.