The East Side of the Stage

East of the Stage is a project for the development of dramaturgical research on a transnational basis between Italy and the Balkans, focusing on the themes of the environment and environmental sustainability.

The meeting points were characterised by dramaturgical workshops designed and directed at everyone, but significantly at young people and students, in order to create links between dramatic art and modern themes.
Young playwrights, citizens, and environmentalists of all ages approached and participated in the numerous workshops held by the most prestigious Italian and Balkan playwrights, including the Bosnian playwright Tanja Šljivar, hosted by Mittelfest.

The workshop held by Šljivar took place in Cividale del Friuli from 16 to 20 May 2023 as part of The East Side of the Stage project, and was presented on 20 May 2023, during Mittelyoung.

The workshop, starting from the work of the collective Out of the Woods and the author Denise Ferreira da Silva, analysed some texts on the relationship between racism, capitalism, nationalism, fascism and climate change. The restitution, in the form of a reading of the contributions elaborated by the participants, took the form of a moment of sharing and discovery of young talents.

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and read the report written by Tania Šljivar

The dramaturgical research work has opened up a new and unprecedented space of artistic collaboration between Italy and the Balkans through numerous dramaturgical residencies, which in the name of reciprocity and internationalisation, become a structured network of cooperation and artistic and cultural co-production between the project’s partner organisations with the possibility of developing the international mobility of young people and their job placement.

On 30 September from 18:00 to 20:00 at the Castromediano Museum there will be the final inter-partnership meeting, with: Alban Nimani (Tulla Center-Al- bania), Sonia Antinori (Malte-Italy), Giacomo Pedini (Mittelfest-Italy), Walter Prete and Gustavo D’Aversa (Alibi Teatro-Italy), Borisav Matic (UUU Artistic Utopia- Serbia), Ardiana Shala ((Qendra Multime- dia-Kosovo), Ivanka Apostolova (ITI-Produkcija – North Macedonia), Franco Ungaro (Accademia Mediterranea dell’Attore – Italy).

While on 1 October from 6 to 9 p.m. also at the Castromediano Museum – Can I live? by Fehinti Balogun Complicitè Production film and collective reading by Walter Prete

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This project is by AMA – Accademia Mediterranea dell’attore, winner of the Boarding Pass Plus del Ministero della Cultura in partnership with Mittelfest di Cividale del Friuli, Malte di Ancona, Alibi di Tricase, ATK di Elbasan (Albania), Atac di Podgorica (Montenegro), Prudukcija ITI di Skopje (Macedonia del Nord), Qendra Multimedia di Pristina (Kosovo), UUU Artistic Utopia di Belgrado (Serbia).