Mittelfest 2023 wins over the audience

Mittelfest 2023 brings down the curtain on its 32nd edition which, despite the not always favourable weather, welcomed a large and participating audience that responded promptly to the challenge to the INEVITABLE.

The challenge to the inevitable saw Mittelfest raise its curtain on over 30 artistic projects, including 14 world or national premieres, 7 productions or co-productions with 250 artists present in Cividale, part of 25 different companies.

Inevitabile’s shows posted an average occupancy rate of 71%, a percentage in line with the 2022 results despite the fact that bad weather and uncertain conditions made it necessary to move back indoors: the emergence of the 20-35 year-old bracket was noted alongside the festival’s historic audience.

There was great success for shows using a universal language, overcoming language and age barriers, such as La Sarta, Drunken Master and Proper Mess + Pyrodise.

Great satisfaction for the second year of Progetto Famiglia, which brought parents and children to the theatre at a special price and saw a 15% increase in attendance compared to 2022.

Great satisfaction also for the third edition of Mittelyoung: the nine shows and the meetings with the artists recorded a turnout in line with the last edition, a success that is being consolidated and that looks ahead to the fourth edition of Mittelyoung already scheduled from 16 to 18 July 2024 so as not to overlap with the artistic projects linked to GO!2025.

May sees the start of the special project commissioned by the FVG Region, supported by and for GO!2025, produced by Mittelfest with SNG Nova Gorica, which will continue over the next two years.

The Mittelland project also continues to grow: the platform of experiences created to enhance the tourist vocation of Cividale, the Natisone and Torre Valleys has seen 30 events continue in August and the collaboration of 32 partners in the area

Linking up with the territory also means enhancing human resources: Mittelfest employed around 115 people including organisational, technical, communication, press office, room staff and volunteers.