The incredible Mittelfest stage in Piazza Duomo

The great open-air stage of Mittelfest, in its 33rd edition, returns in grand style to Piazza Duomo, an incredible location for great artists.

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On July 19, the curtain rises with the traditional opening concert, which, along with the final concert, forms a sort of musical frame around the festival, this year more than ever combining quality and playfulness.

Indeed, on July 19, Happy Concert will be performed, a production that will take place in Piazza Duomo with the FVG Orchestra and Lucy Landymor on percussion, featuring the duo Igudesman & Joo, with Aleksey Igudesman on violin and Hyung-ki Joo on piano, for a true musical zapping from Mozart to the Beatles, with the instruments transforming into something entirely different from what they are.

On July 28, in a collaboration that has been renewed over the years with Ravenna Festival, the singer-songwriter, actress, podcast author, and film director Margherita Vicario will present Margherita Vicario – Gloria!, a symphonic concert named after her debut film, which competed at the latest Berlin Festival, together with the Orchestra Corelli. In this case too, the telling of touching everyday stories blends with playful and sophisticated musical elements.

On July 21, in a world premiere, there will be a moving tribute to the Friulian poet Pierluigi Cappello, who passed away in 2017, in the show Le tue parole. Pierluigi, Scluse e il cîl, featuring Giuseppe Battiston and the original music of Piero Sidoti, directed by Paola Rota, who, together with Battiston, also curated the dramaturgy from the original materials of the poet from Chiusaforte, including his lyrics and the prose of Questa libertà (Rizzoli), finally punctuating the Italian and Friulian words with music. The show is a co-production ARLeF – Agjenzie regjonâl pe lenghe furlane and Mittelfest 2024.

On July 25, Moni Ovadia returns to Mittelfest for the first time since his tenure as the festival’s artistic director from 2003 to 2008, presenting Senza Confini. Ebrei e zingari, one of his flagship performances, but with renewed musicality, as is his style, for a recital of Romani, Sinti, and Jewish songs, music, and stories that challenge conformism and proclaim the non-negotiability of freedom.

Poetic and full of memory is the show Talk Radio, for words and music, premiering on July 22. Conceived by Valter Sivilotti, with a text by Angelo Floramo, it features the performance of Alessio Boni and the music of Glauco Venier, Mirko Cisilino, and Alfonso Deidda. The story that inspires this work is the unusual jazz season that enlivened Gorizia between 1945 and 1947 when the American liberation troops opened a radio station that broadcast the great masterpieces of Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, and the then-emerging Frank Sinatra.

Voci vicine 2.0, on July 27, will combine the investigative words of journalist Luciana Coluccello and the music of Fabio Cifarello Ciardi with the Icarus Ensemble. A multitude of voices denouncing the tragedies of our time, from climate change to labor and social issues.

For world music, the Džambo Agušev Orchestra returns to Mittelfest on July 24 in Piazza Duomo with Brasses for masses: a revelry of brass and percussion reminiscent of the wild dances of Balkan weddings.

Dance will also be represented on July 26 by the Italian-Belgian proposal Fortuna, conceived, directed, and choreographed by Piergiorgio Milano: two acrobats and dancers move on a dizzying structure, evoking the extreme conditions of sailing, a reverse shipwreck, where they emerge from the depths.