Unveils the theme of the 2024 edition

Disorder: a word that seals a three-year journey to discover the relationship between the human being and his freedom, with the unexpected, fate, chaos and the responsibility of one’s own choices. This concludes the three-year period dedicated to the ‘Symphony of Chaos‘.

What binds this three-year period dedicated to the ‘Symphony of Chaos'”, Pedini explains, “is an equally important concept: freedom. Freedom understood not as omnipotence, but as responsibility for choices, both individual and collective, as a wise capacity for action and reaction that must confront the countless human boundaries, both personal and common”.

Mittelfest disordini from 19 to 28 July 2024

In December, Mittelfest will once again turn the spotlight on the new generation of artists from Mitteleuropa: the international Mittelyoung 2024 open call will open to select artists and companies under 30 from 27 countries.

The 4th edition of Mittelyoung, exceptionally, will be staged from 16 to 18 July 2024

In May, in fact, the special project commissioned by FVG Region, supported by and for GO!2025, and produced by Mittelfest with SNG Nova Gorica will start, and will continue over the next two years.

It is an artistic project that will tell the story of the meeting of the two souls of Europe, eastern and western, which were divided for a long time and then reunited, a trilogy of Italian-Slovenian co-production that will have a very wide outcome, not only in the theatre.

Mittelfest’s bond with the territory also manifests itself in the increasingly close relationship with sponsors and partners who decide to support the festival, an investment that is translated into local, national and European visibility, into corporate responsibility and enhancement of corporate positioning that is linked to the themes of cultural, social and sustainable development

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