Mittelyoung — Evento

Premio Mittelyoung 2024

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
19/07 - 17:00

Nine shows by artists under 30 have landed at Mittelyoung 2024: two of music, two of theatre, two of dance and three of circus, bringing young artists from Belgium, Italy, the Netherlands, Romania, Serbia and Switzerland to Cividale del Friuli, after an open call that saw two hundred and fifty applications from all over Europe. The under-30 curatores who selected the nine shows will announce the three winners who will perform again at Mittelfest on July 20, 21 and 22.

What’s new in 2024 is a jury of experts, who are called upon to evaluate and showcase the best and most interesting proposals among those nine. The jurors for 2024 are three experienced professionals such as Alberto Bevilacqua, Veronika Brvar and Roberto Canziani.

Free admission subject to availability


Alberto Bevilacqua
Veronika Brvar
Roberto Canziani
Elisa Marcon


A concert in which the dialogue between musicians from different backgrounds is
transformed into a dynamic, fluid show, with a radiant impact on the audience.
An energetic show



A female figure stands out from four examples of toxic masculinity and dominates the scene.
A critique of gender stereotypes and their pervasiveness.
A great and ambiguous talent.


in MANual


The current and sensitive issue of international adoptions proposed in a format that
combines an autobiographical documentary and an intimate dance thought.
Original and emotional.



A corporeal and spatial score in which minimal variations and continuous rebounds are
transmitted to the audience and overturn the traditional boundaries of dance and circus.


jury Alberto Bevilacqua, Veronika Brvar, Roberto Canziani 


curatores Teresa Bisoni, Alice Bozzetti, Letizia Buchini, Elisabetta Diledone, Alessio Fabris, Zoe Ferfoglia, Aziz Fersi, Agnese Foglietta, Sofia Fraziano, Stefany Gallai, Andrea Garivalis, Samuele Gos, Jan Kalc, Christina Lancione, Antônio Frederico Lasalvia, Mattia Lautieri, Kevi Malaj, Gabriele Marcon, Alessia Marinig, Sofia Mauro, Alessandro Miscoria, Roberta Nardone, Lorenzo Nascig, Angelica Pellizzari, Luna Peressutti, Emma Pertoldi, Noemi Pividori, Iaele Pizzulin, Elena Rainis, Laia Rodoreda, Laura Sfetez, Sara Shullani, Andrea Sotirovski, Paolo Tonezzer, Giulia Verona, Sara Vuerich