Mittelfest — Music

What If…?

Lavish Trio

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
60  minutes
23/07 - 19:00

In What If…? Lavish Trio mixes composition and improvisation, exploring the inevitability and unpredictability of the future through direct audience participation. Using QR codes, viewers will be able to anonymously share their questions and stories on an online platform. During the performance, the contributions will be projected into the surrounding space, creating a powerful network of thoughts, stories and words that will affect the performance and, perhaps, our view of the world. 

Mittelyoung 2023 Winner performance

Music programme

1. Ich Ermahne Nicht Noch Einmal 
2. Ilusion
3. Stream 1
4. Cyclic
5. Unausweichlich Unwissend 
6. What If…?


by Lavish Trio

Sol Jang piano

Maria Isolina Cozzani violin

Kim Kamilla Jäger cello

production Mittelfest2023

photo © Luca A. d’Agostino