Mittelfest — Kaffee

Kaffee by Oro Caffè with
Il visconte dimezzato 

Vinicio Marchioni

Il Curtîl di Firmine
22/07 - 16:00

Due to bad weather the event was held in Ridotto del Teatro Ristori 

Vinicio Marchioni talks with Roberto Canziani and the audience. 

100 years after his birth, Mittelfest pays homage to Italo Calvino by bringing to Piazza Duomo Il visconte dimezzato (The Cloven Viscount), voiced by Vinicio Marchioni, accompanied by an ensemble of musicians from the ‘Balkan’ Radio Zastava. Published in 1952, the short novel, which tells the allegorical story of Viscount Medardo, literally split in two halves, the ‘good’ and the ‘wretched’ one, by a cannonball on Bohemian soil, opens the trilogy I nostri antenati (Our ancestors) and gives life to a universe of figures unable to think themselves beyond their first limits, as if constrained and chained to themselves and their practices, without being able to imagine themselves otherwise.

Free admission subject to availability 

In case of bad weather, the event will be held in Ridotto del Teatro Ristori