Mittelyoung — Music

Vacation from Love

CUMA Kollektiv

Teatro Verdi di Gorizia
60 minutes
15/05 - 20:30

The concert Vacation from Love reveals a singer’s bittersweet life on the road and the love story with their band. In a mixture of live music, drag performance and dance, social, relational and gender norms are challenged with humour and honesty. The show is wild, disturbing but funny, and reflects on the need to savour life in all its shades, without the limits of social conventions. Elina Brams Ritzau dances, sings and plays the piano, moving smoothly and effortlessly between genres. Bruna Cabral and Jakob Jentgens build a multifaceted sound cosmos using electronic and acoustic drums, vibraphone, guitar, saxophone, bass clarinet and live electronics. The audience is left to experience the struggle, external and internal, of a broken personality. 

Italian premiere


1. Feel More
2. Fatalist Love
3. I’ll Be Your Lover
4. I Saw the Spark
5. Vacation from Love
6. Let’s Part in Style
7. Art of Life
8. Temptation

Original score by Michelle Gurevich

concept and idea Elina Brams Ritzau
music and performance Bruna Cabral, Jakob Jentgens and Elina Brams Ritzau
costume Alexandra Tivig, Elina Brams Ritzau
outside eye Saskia Rudat
sound engineer Martin Preu
original score Michelle Gurevich
production CUMA Kollektiv
with the support of Mittelfest2022

Photo © André Symann