Mittelfest — Theater

The Handke Project. Or, justice for Peter’s stupidities

Jeton Neziraj

Teatro Ristori
80 minutes
23/07 - 20:45

Where does the freedom of art end and the need to be politically correct in artistic creation begin? Can we make art without being insensitive? The Handke Project brings together six actors from Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy and Germany to address, with the right distance, indeed with the appropriate dose of irony, the controversial figure of Peter Handke, writer and poet, Nobel Prize for literature in 2019, as well as Milošević’s supporter and denier of the crimes committed in former Yugoslavia during the 1990s. Is it then possible to separate the work from the artist? The question is hotly debated. In the meantime, Handke and the European Handkists continue to roam freely, even over the eight thousand graves of the victims of Srebrenica. Perhaps because, Eric Gordy says, Handke is kitsch! But also a Nobel prize for him is kitsch. Handke’s supporters are also kitsch. After all, European hypocrisy is itself kitsch.

Italian premiere 

Show in English with Italian surtitles


text by Jeton Neziraj

directed by Blerta Neziraj

dramaturg Biljana Srbljanovic

artistic collaborator Alida Bremer

set design Marija Kalabic

compositions Gabriele Marangoni

choreographer Gjergj Prevazi

costumes Blagoj Micevski

lighting design Yann Perregaux

sound design Leonardo Rubboli,Tempo Reale

production manager Aurela Kadriu

production assistant Flaka Rrustemi
assistant director Sovran Ndrecaj


Arben Bajraktaraj (FR)

Adrian Morina (RKS)

Ejla Bavćić (BiH)

Klaus Martini (IT)

Verona Koxha (RKS)

Anja Drljevic (MNE)

co-production Qendra Multimedia, Teatro della Pergola – Firenze, Mittelfest2022

in association with Theater Dortmund, National Theater of Sarajevo, International Theater Festival MESS – Scene MESS

partners and supporters Allianz Kulturstiftung… for Europe, The Sigrid Rausing Trust, Rockfeller Brothers Fund, Reconnection 2.0, European Union Kosovo, Heartefact, Ministria e Kulturës, Rinisë dhe Sportit Kosov, Ministartsvo Kulture i Sporta Kantona Sarajevo, Kontrapunkt, Teatri Oda