Mittelfest — Theater


Ksenija Martinović/Federico Bellini

Teatro Ristori
75 minutes
30/07 - 19:00

Nikola Tesla is credited with the decisive invention of alternating current, as well as 700 other patents that guide and determine modern-day living. In 1901 he embarked on his most ambitious project: the Wardenclyffe Tower, what could have been the epoch-making turning point for humanity, the production of free electricity for everyone and everywhere. Almost at the end of his work, he was refused a final financing from the greatest banker of the time, J.P. Morgan: Tesla’s destiny, apparently already written, would suddenly change. The show crosses theatrical genres, from narration to performance, where the body of actress Ksenija Martinovic becomes a machine and producer of energy, as if it were a creation of the inventor himself.

World premiere

Performed in Italian


stage creation Ksenija Martinović and Federico Bellini
text Ksenija Martinović and Federico Bellini

performer Ksenija Martinović

sound design Antonio Della Marina

scientific adviser Ivana Abramović

final choreography Matilde Ceron

video Sonia Veronelli

coproduction CSS Teatro stabile di innovazione del FVG and La Contrada Teatro stabile di Trieste

a cross-over project between Artists’ Residencies in Friuli Venezia Giulia region, ARTEFICI. ResidenzeCreativeFVG/ArtistiAssociati, DIALOGHI_Residenze delle arti performative a Villa Manin/CSS, VETTORI/La Contrada Teatro stabile di Trieste