Mittelfest — Dance

Something Else

Collectief MAMM

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
30  minutes
28/07 - 18:00

In Something Else five performers explore in their choreographic construction the social pressure to achieve immediate success. In a frenetic world where it seems impossible to slow down, even at the cost of ending up in burn out, how do we relate to others? How do we escape the system and find a balance? Are we, as a generation, destined for an endless and lonely race? 

Spettacolo vincitore Mittelyoung 2023


concept and realisation Collectief MAMM (Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen)  

performers Amber Veltman, Gihan Koster, Maxime Abbenhues, Mees Meeuwsen, Winter Wieringa  

dramaturgy Isabel Meloen  

coaching Camiel Corneille   

developed in residency at Makershuis Alkmaar, Karavaan Festival  

supported by NORMA Fund, Gemeente Alkmaar, Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), Gravin van Bylandt Stichting and Janivo Stichting 

production Mittelfest2023 

photo © Luca A. d’Agostino