Mittelfest — Music

Six memos. Bronzi/Calvino/Di Paolo

Enrico Bronzi e Paolo Di Paolo

Chiesa di San Francesco
90 minutes
02/09 - 19:00
02/09 - 21:30

From an idea of Valentina Danelon

Lyrics Paolo Di Paolo

Music by Sciarrino, Dallapiccola, Ligeti, Dowland, edited by Enrico Bronzi

with Enrico Bronzi (cello) and Paolo Di Paolo

Mise en scène Wilhelm Gert

Lights Carlo Pediani

Media artist Francesca Centonze

Co-production Associazione Progetto Musica and Mittelfest 2021 for Mittelfest 2021 and Nei suoni dei luoghi 2021

Literary concert from Italo Calvino’s Six Memos for the Next Millennium.

Enrico Bronzi’s cello and Paolo Di Paolo’s lyrics reconstruct the portrait of humanity for the new century sketched by Italo Calvino in 1985. In fact, for a long time his Six Memos for the Next Millennium were thought to be about literature, but instead they were about us. Light, fast, sometimes exact (but so sloppy), exaggeratedly visible and multiple, hardly coherent: these are the distinctive features of our staff, of human beings floating, like sounds and notes, at the beginning of the millennium.

World premiere


Lightness: Salvatore Sciarrino, Ai limiti della notte
Visibility: John Dowland, Lachrimae Pavane
Speed: Luigi Dallapiccola, Intermezzo da Ciaccona, Intermezzo and Adagio
Accuracy: György Ligeti, Loop from Sonata for viola
Multiplicity: Johann Sebastian Bach, Prelude from Suite No. 5

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