Mittelfest — Dance

Promises of Uncertainty

Marc Oosterhoff

Teatro Ristori
Supported by

pro helvetia

55 minutes
29/07 - 22:00


A naive explorer, drifting in a world ruled by strange laws, is in search (physical as well as mental) of balance. Will he fall prey to events or become the author of his own destiny? A mix of innocent games and (literally) tricks with fire will tell us. Who knows what threads destiny has spun for our brave explorer… In a monochrome universe immersed in the sounds of Raphael Raccuia, Marc Oosterhoff offers a highly tense performance. With a burlesque touch he struggles desperately with the spectre of boredom. The result is a thrilling show, between dance, theatre and circus, which captures all the promises of uncertainty: after all, they are too precious to be left at the mercy of chance.


choreography, directing and interpretation Marc Oosterhoff

music Raphael Raccuia

lighting design Joana Oliveira

lighting technique Leo Garcia, Filipe Pascoal

dramaturgy and outside eye Pauline Castelli

outside eye on tour Latifeh Hadji

set design Léo Piccirelli

administration Mariana Nunes

co-production L’Echandole, L’Abri, Le Castrum and CIE MOOST
sponsors Etat de Vaud fond pluridisciplinaire, Pro Helvetia – the Swiss Arts Council, CORODIS, Fondation suisses des artistes interprètes SIS, Astor Adams
with the support of Pro Helvetia, the Swiss Arts Council
performance part of On the edge – Swiss Focus

Photo © Julien Mudry