Mittelfest — Theater

Progetto Tempesta 

Antonio Panzuto

Parco Acrobati del Sole
50 minutes
24/07 - 10:30

Progetto Tempesta (Tempest Project) marks the rebirth of Vittorio Podrecca’s precious puppets, which the regional Teatro Stabile has preserved. Following the course for puppeteers that – with the support of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and Enaip – Teatro Rossetti organized, an unprecedented production inspired by Shakespeare’s masterpiece is born. Progetto Tempesta moves around the metaphor of the island and the three figures of Prospero, Ariel and Caliban, who “are such stuff as dreams are made on”, in a dimension designed not only for the stage but also suitable for museum and performance spaces. Creatures that are interwoven with poetry and fantasy, the puppets will be perfect interpreters of Shakespearean characters full of wonder and delighted amazement, and eager to “dream again”. Mittelfest will host a morning of surprises, entertainment and discovery of the historical puppets, in the Cividale oasis of Acrobati del Sole.

World premiere

Performed in Italian

At the end of the show, the audience will go with the actors to discover the puppets

Thanks to the Acrobati del Sole Park for their hospitality (
It is advisable to bring a hat


by William Shakespeare

direction and staging Antonio Panzuto
collaboration to the direction Roberto Aldorasi
in collaboration with Barbara Della Polla

with I Piccoli di Podrecca
production Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia