Mittelfest — Music


Eleonora Savini and Federica Vecchio

Orto delle Orsoline
50 minutes
31/07 - 10:30

In Pizz’n’Zip nothing goes as it should. There are no strings to play, the electric cables do not work, and the pedal of the loop station – a device capable of reproducing and recording sounds – seems to be working to boycott the show. Will the duo be able to finish the concert without failing? Pizz’n’Zip is set up as a typical chamber concert, but with light, humorous and clownish tones. The program ranges from classical to modern and contemporary music. As well as playing, the two performers act, sing and dance, showing how ideas and intentions can be clearly expressed without the need of words. A virtuosity rendered with irony and lightness, that allows any spectator, even more so children, to experience first-hand the immense world of emotions and nuances that music can offer.

Show for children, suitable from 5 year-old

Show available for purchase in the Progetto famiglia


Savini/Vecchio, Pizz’n’Zip
G. Fauré, Pavane op. 50 (arrangement by Eleonora Savini)
G. F. Händel, Sonata for violin and continuo Op.1 No.14, HWV 372, II- Allegro
H.I.F von Biber, Sonata Representativa for violin and continuo – Allegro
R. Glière, Huit Morceauxop. 39 – Scherzo
H.I.F. Von Biber, Sonata Representativa for violin and continuo – Musketeer Marsch
J. Brahms, Hungarian Dance No. 6 In D Major (arrangement by Eleonora Savini)
C. Saint Saëns, Danse Macabre op. 40 (arrangiamento di Eleonora Savini)
G. Kurtág, Signs, Games and Messages, Hommage à John Cage
C. M. von Weber, Aufforderung zum Tanz op. 65 (arrangement by Eleonora Savini)
I. de Ziah, Solace in Darkness
Savini/Vecchio, Pizz’n’Zip reprise (arrangement by Eleonora Savini and Riccardo Piergiovanni)


Eleonora Savini, violin, movement and vocals 

Federica Vecchio, cello, movement and vocals

directed by Pietro Gaudioso

artistic consultancy Dan Tanson

costumes Rosamaria Francucci, Elisabetta Dagostino
set design Andrea Sostero
music by Fauré, Biber, Glière, Kurtág
loop stations manipulations and instant compositions Eleonora Savini and Federica Vecchio
arrangements by Eleonora Savini
production Lucerne Festival
Photo © Michele Lanzotti