Mittelfest — Music

Pizz’n’Click e le note del tempo 


Chapiteau - Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono
50 minutes
30/07 - 10:30

Held in the Church of Santa Maria dei Battuti

The duo of the musical show Pizz’n’Zip returns to the stage, this time grappling with a slightly rebellious time machine!
Mme Swarowski, an elegant cellist, is waiting on stage for her colleague Puña, a clumsy violinist with a passion for technology. She is still at home, intent on building a time machine that, once activated, will prove very difficult to control! The bizarre duo will be driven to comically leap into different historical periods, travelling from prehistory to the present day. Amidst changing customs, habits and behaviours, we will see how musical instruments have evolved over time and hear how music and its interpretation also changed.

Interactive musical show for children and families: get involved and take part in this musical journey! 

Performed in Italian 

Show part of the Family Project

Suitable for ages 3+

Music program

Eleonora Savini, Rythmic bodies 
Eleonora Savini/ Federica Vecchio, Tribal Dance for violin and cello 
Eleonora Savini, Tetrachord music 
Arcangelo Corelli, Concerto Grosso op. 6 n 8 (Adagio) 
Johann Pachelbel, Canon in D, P 37 
Wolfgang A. Mozart, Deh vieni alla finestra aria dal Don Giovanni 
Frédéric Chopin, Sonata per pianoforte op. 35 n 2: Grave. Doppio Movimento  
Eleonora Savini, Scattin’ Twenties 
Eleonora Savini, Invite to rock’n’roll  
Eleonora Savini, Pizz’n’Zip Rock’n’roll version 
Eleonora Savini/ Federica Vecchio, Pizz’n’Zip theme dance version


concept and direction Eleonora Savini e Federica Vecchio 

costumes Rosamaria Francucci, Elisabetta Dagostino 

video making, audio/video editing Eleonora Savini 

music Pachelbel, Mozart, Chopin, Savini/Vecchio 

musical adaptation Eleonora Savini 



Eleonora Savini, Puña (violinmovement, singing) 

Federica Vecchio Mme Swarowski/ Mr Swarowsko (cello, movement, singing)  


production Unione Musicale Kids  


photo © Federico Cardamone