Mittelyoung — Music


Bibi Milanese

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
60 minutes
13/05 - 20:30

Percorrersi (Go through oneself) is an interdisciplinary concert combining music, theatre and contemporary dance. The protagonist explores the theme of travel in all its meanings, from the narration of a ten-day holiday in Thailand to the story of the three stages of life – childhood, adult life, old age -, from the exploration of one’s roots to the discovery of oneself, one’s secrets, fears, pleasures and desires. A performance based on contrast, alternating moments of tranquillity with moments of sheer madness, combining elements of rap, pop, jazz, electronic music and theatre. The stage is thus crossed, step by step, song by song, story by story, as a material travel itinerary. Also a journey of discovery of one’s own body and sexual freedom, thanks to the presence of choreographer and dancer Daniel Dominguez.

Italian premiere


1. Intro
Music and lyrics by Bibi Milanese
2. The Land Of Smiles
Dubai Airport
Song For My Sister
Love spiritual love
Crushing waves
Away From The Island 
Music and lyrics by Bibi Milanese
3. Ita-li-a
Music and lyrics by Bibi Milanese
4. Unrevealed Roads
Music and lyrics by Bibi Milanese
5. Oh Turn Your Bows
Music and lyrics by Bibi Milanese 
Animation by Laima Matuzonythė
6. Three Stages Of Life
Childhood (A for Adventure))
Adulthood (In And Out)
Old Age (I look at it from here)
Music and lyrics by Bibi Milanese 
7. The Body Landscape
Text and choreography by Bibi Milanese and Daniel Dominguez
8. Outro
Music and lyrics by Bibi Milanese 


voice, narrator, piano, guitar, dance Bibi Milanese

dance Daniel Dominguez

music Bibi Milanese

choreography Daniel Dominguez and Bibi Milanese

animation Laima Matuzonythė

production Mittelfest2022