Mittelfest — Dance


Niek Wagenaar

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
30 minutes
31/07 - 17:30

Nymphs were originally mythical creatures living in forests, streams, mountains, and the sea. They symbolized the wild and unpredictable beauty of nature, and represented freedom, opulence and sensuality. Today, nymph is a derogatory term for a tempting woman, someone from whom men must watch their backs. But who says that a man cannot be a nymph? Is sensuality really gender-specific? And what does it mean to be male or female? In Nymphs five dancers look for new ways to express their gender identity, fighting the norms that continue to (r)exist only thanks to prejudice. Entangled in the web of social constructions, the dancers move towards new connections.

Winning show Mittelyoung 2022


concept and choreography Niek Wagenaar
dancers Filippo Gualandris, Charles Heinrich, Evelien Jansen, Alice Sundara and Linde Wagemakers
music Brant Peije Teunis
coaching Jasper van Luijk and Anne Suurendonk
organization assistant Linde Wagemakers
made possible by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Janivo Stichting, Magnezy Dance Productions
production Mittelfest2022
Photo ©Luca A. D’Agostino/Phocus Agency