Mittelfest — Workshop

This is not Cirque du Soleil (10/13 years)

Circo all’inCirca

Orto delle Orsoline
2 hours
27/07 - 17:00

Contemporary circus practice does not resemble that of the better known Cirque du Soleil. To help them discover it, Circo all’InCirca has organized a workshop for children and teenagers, where they can learn first-hand the educational potential of circus and try out various disciplines: aerial and ground acrobatics, juggling and balancing.

Important: please wear tracksuits, without zips, buttons, rings, necklaces and any other kind of accessory that may ruin the materials or cause injury to the wearer. The activity takes place barefoot and is an actual lesson, participants must arrive on time and stay until the end of the lesson. 

Participants may attend one or all four workshops

Free admission with compulsory registration

workshops designed and organized by Circo all’InCirca