Mittelfest — Music

More than meets the ear


Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
75 minutes
24/07 - 19:30

Nyala is a group consisting of Pau Li Liem (vocals, piano), Stef Joosten (electric bass) and Jorrit Romme (drums). Just as their name (Nyala is Indonesian for “flame”) describes, their music is an ever changing and moving concept. It can smolder, with lots of tension, low in dynamic, but it has the possibility of growing into fiery improvisations and compositions. Influenced by this unpredictable quality of flames they strive to find new sounds and explore new ways of interpreting their own compositions. The starting point can be a fixed composition, pattern or lyric but whenever they start to play it will develop into a new impression of the piece. They are not bound to any genre or style but go into it with an open mind and creativity.

Italian premiere

Winner of CS Under 30


Pau Li Liem
At the End of the Road
Into the Current
Run Away
Silenced Dreams

Stef Joosten
More Life

Pau Li Liem
Start Again
La Da Dum


with Pau Li Liem (vocals, piano and composition)

Stef Joosten (electric bass and composition)

Jorrit Romme (drums)
production Mittelfest2022