Mittelfest — Exhibition

The digital archive of the festival is born 

Ridotto del Teatro Ristori
23/07 - 16:00

The great Mittelfest archive, its photos, videos, audio files, documents, and promotional materials, to date all collected in a large repository, now also find space on the Web, thanks to a project by Roberto Canziani created by Zeranta. Mittelbabel is presented to the public: it is the digital archive of the festival. In recounting 33 editions, routes and themes that have taken place over more than three decades, it defines the identity and character of the festival, and at the same time outlines its history on an advanced technology platform. 
The occasion of the presentation thus becomes that of an immersion into a long theatrical, musical and choreographic history between Central Europe and the Balkans, to which is also linked the exhibition Tornare (Going back) that, with Associazione Culturale Giorgio Pressburger, Mittelfest dedicates this year to the memory of its first artistic director. 

Free admission subject to availability 

Roberto Canziani,Mittelbabel creator and curator 
Marco Da Rin Bianco Zeranta digital creative director 

and with
Mauro Caputo,Associazione culturale Giorgio Pressburger 
Nadia Cijan, Secretary General of Associazione Mittelfest