Mittelfest — Music


Anaïs Drago

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
50 minutes
27/07 - 17:00

In Minotauri (Minotaurs), the young violinist and composer Anaïs Drago, winner of the Top Jazz 2022, Isio Saba and Amadeus Factory award for Sky Arte, embarks on a musical and literary journey through the constraint of our inner solitudes, alternating acoustic and electric violin, voice and electronic musical manipulations. In the first part, she plays a suite dedicated to the myth of the Minotaur in Dürrenmatt’s version. In the second part, instrumental only, she returns the thrill of discovery to the stage, like a modern Ulysses. In the third part, she voices excerpts of Italo Calvino’s A sign in space, accompanied by a rhythmic groove of electric violin. The finale explodes in an irresistible solo.

Musical programme




All compositions by Anaïs Drago


Anaïs Drago, violins and voice

production Anaïs Drago