Mittelfest — Dance

Mechanics of Distance

Máté Mészáros

Museo Archeologico Nazionale Cividale
50 minutes
22/07 - 17:00

How much can dance explore a space? In Mechanics of Distance three dancers explore the halls of the National Archaeological Museum of Cividale through a site-specific performance in which the audience can choose and measure their viewing distance. The performers, from three very different backgrounds such as ballet, contemporary and folk dance, accompanied by the live music of Áron Porteleki, intertwine their bodies to create plastic figures, play with distance and proximity, and then, inevitably, return to separate. 

Italian premiere

Progetto cultura: the first 200 viewers of Mechanics of Distance and La fiera degli altri will receive a free ticket to the National Archaeological Museum Cividale


choreography and concept Máté Maszáros

creators-performers Jenna Jalonen, Máté Mészáros, Zsófia Tamara Vadas

music Áron Porteleki 

consultant Tamás Bakó

production SÍN Arts Centre

The show premiered at the National Dance Theatre in Budapest on 26 May 2019, was produced with the support of the Imre Zoltán Programme of the National Cultural Fund and was included in the Aerowaves Priority Selection 2020. Since its premiere, Mechanics of Distance has been staged at several European festivals and squares.

photo © László Bellai