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Le Gratitudini

Lucia Vasini/Lorenzo Lavia/Paolo Triestino/Valentina Bartolo

Teatro Ristori
90 minutes
25/07 - 20:30

Have you ever wondered how many times in your life you have said a real thank you? To whom?” 

Les Gratitudes (Gratitude), based on the novel of the same name by Delphine de Vigan, stages the story of Michka, an elderly proofreader of Polish origin, who for years has looked after Marie, the daughter of an absent and difficult neighbour. Now it is she who needs help: she loses her words, the very person who has played with words all her life. The play, retracing the novel, takes the audience through Michka’s last journey, determined to say thank you to all those who helped her, especially those who saved her as a child from Nazi extermination.

World premiere

Performed in Italian language


adapted and directed byPaolo Triestino

based on the novel byDelphine de Vigan


Lucia Vasini – Michelle Seld known as Michka  

Lorenzo Lavia – Jérôme Milloux, orthophonic

Paolo Triestino – The director 

Valentina Bartolo – Marie, Michka neighbor 


production ArtistiAssociati

photo © Laila Pozzo, Fabio Ciccalè, Andrea Ciccalè, Enrica Brescia