Mittelfest — Theater

La fiera degli altri

Effetto Larsen

Park - Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono
150 minutes
28/07 - 16:00
29/07 - 16:00
30/07 - 16:00

If you were asked to face a fatal game and form a team among a group of strangers, who would you take? With whom would you build an ‘us’ to oppose to a specular ‘them’? But then, what does ‘them’ and ‘us’ mean? This is how La fiera degli altri (The Fair of Others) begins, between play and spectacle: facing questions, you actively take part in a series of challenges, to identify the boundaries that separate us from other people. You go on a quest to discover our own vision of the world, between fun and thought, pulling out the rigid frames with which we interpret reality. Warning: who will be part of your ‘us’ and who will you leave to ‘them’?

Italian premiere

Itinerant performance, in Italian, starting from Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono
The performance entails the audience walking, comfortable clothing and water are recommended


tfo the waltz of coulisse
tfo the march of moonpark
tfo final rush
tfo walking to the game
tfo the inclusion waltz pt1 
tfo the inclusion waltz pt2
by Roberto Rettura 

Progetto cultura: the first 200 viewers of Mechanics of Distance and La fiera degli altri will receive a free ticket to the National Archaeological Museum Cividale


conception and conduction Matteo Lanfranchi

sound design and technical direction Roberto Rettura

project manager and producer Isadora Bigazzi

set design Paola Villani

Italian performers Isadora Bigazzi, Beatrice Cevolani, Matteo Lanfranchi

scientific supervision Alessandra Frigerio

production Effetto Larsen, La Strada Graz

with the support of BASE Milano

photo © Nikola Milatovic