Mittelfest — Kaffee

Kaffee by Oro Caffè con
Le rose di Sarajevo 

Erri De Luca e Cosimo Damiano Damato

Il Curtîl di Firmine
30/07 - 11:00

Erri De Luca and Cosimo Damiano Damato talk with Roberto Canziani and the audience. 

Erri De Luca pays homage to the Bosnian poet Izet Sarajlić, whom he met at the time of the siege of Sarajevo, together with Cosimo Damiano Damato. It is a going back in time, De Luca’s tale, in a dialogue distant in years, but long and dense, there in the capital of tormented Bosnia, surrounded by ‘roses’, nothing but the grenades ready to explode, in what with painful irony, Sarajlić called ‘the largest prison in Europe’.

Free admission subject to availability 

In case of bad weather, the event will be held in Ridotto del Teatro Ristori