Mittelfest — Kaffee

Kaffee by Oro Caffè with
Deriva urbana. A part not apart from a place

Electrico 28

Il Curtîl di Firmine
23/07 - 12:00

Electrico 28 and the actors of the show talk with Roberto Canziani and the audience. 

Electrico 28 is an Austro-Catalan collective capable of transforming public spaces, streets, street lamps, passers-by – in short, everyday places – into surprising theatrical stages. At Mittelfest they arrive with the performers of Dramma italiano di Fiume – HNK Ivan Zajc Rijeka, for a new work, Deriva Urbana / Urban Drift, which mixes actors and audience and brings them into direct contact with our urban solitudes. 

Free admission subject to availability 

In case of bad weather, the event will be held in Ridotto del Teatro Ristori