Mittelfest — Music

Il castello di Barbablù

Béla Bartók

Chiesa di San Francesco
65 minutes
25/07 - 19:00

A great hall in the castle of Duke Bluebeard, who enters it together with Judith, his last wife, in almost total darkness. The icy darkness of the windowless castle and the water seeping through the walls, as if they were tearing, dismay the woman. Equally mysterious and sinister seem to her the seven closed doors to the main hall: she will open them, one after the other, as if drawn into an inevitable and terrible spiral…
Béla Bartók composed Duke Bluebeard’s Castle in 1911, when he was most interested in popular music, especially Romanian and Hungarian.

Musical prrogramme

Béla Bartók (1881-1945), Duke Bluebeard’s Castle
Opera in one act 

libretto Béla Balázs
revised by Eberhard Kloke


Performance in concert form

by Béla Bartók
revised by Eberhard Kloke
for Baritone, Mezzosoprano and Orchestra
conductor Vakhtang Gabidzashvili
Tamaš Kiš, Duke Bluebeard
Kamilla Karginova, Judit

Giacomo Segulia, introduction and prologue

Orchestra sinfonica Italia – Serbia curated by the class Direzione d’Orchestra M° M. Angius

live media Igor Imhoff – Academy of Fine Arts in Venice
musical assistants Rossella Fracaros – Hiromi Arai

productionConservatorio “G. Tartini” di Trieste

in collaboration with Faculty of Music – University of Arts in Belgrade, Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Conservatorio “B. Marcello” di Venezia e Accademia di Belle Arti di Venezia


cultural cooperation event between Italy – Serbia in accordance with Law 212/2012