Mittelyoung — Theater


Compagnia del Buco

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
55 minutes
13/05 - 17:00

Clown show

In G.A.S. two clowns enter the scene convinced that they are in a small summer camp. All they have with them is a gas cylinder, a cooker, two boxes and a tarpaulin: enough to upset the spectators’ day with absurd and dangerous actions. Accidents are just around the corner, disturbing the other campers is the practice, and the goal is only one: to prepare hot tea. The two actors will be struggling with strange and impossible cooker assemblies, last-minute hitches and dangerous fires. Between the slope of the ground, forgotten objects, strange constructions and experiments with gas, will they succeed without exploding anything?

Show suitable for everyone from 5 years of age

Unspoken show


directed by Compagnia del Buco
actors Simone Vaccari and Luca Macca

production Mittelfest2022