Mittelfest — Circus

Fili di inchiostro e nuvole

Circo all’inCirca

Chapiteau - Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono
90 minutes with intermission
22/07 - 18:00

Fili di inchiostro e nuvole (Threads of ink and clouds), based on literary suggestions, investigates the narrative power of bodies through circus art and is a combination of two unique acts – In Ottavo and Overcoats. In the performance In Ottavo (Octavo), three acrobats, united by the love for books, and in particular for Italo Calvino’s The Baron in the Trees, fly on a trapeze, hoop and Chinese pole, transporting the audience into storms, imaginative dreams and oceanic abysses. Overcoats, on the other hand, investigates government job starting with the short story The Overcoat by Gogol. On stage, Davide Perissutti plays the part of Akaki who, once passed away, is said to have continued stealing coats around Petersburg. What would he do today if he could have as many coats as he wanted?

World premiere

Suitable for ages 6+
Show part of the Family Project


by Circo all’inCirca


Part One

In ottavo

with Silvia Di Landro, Irene Giacomello, Valentina Bomben

external eye Marco Pericoli


Part Two


with Davide Perissutti

production Circo all’inCirca