Mittelyoung — Music

Enimon Enis

Chez Fría Ensemble

Chiesa di Santa Maria dei Battuti
60 minutes
12/05 - 17:00

Chez Fría Ensemble’s original blend of different styles, sounds and rhythms takes us on an unexpected musical journey: from baroque to funk, from jazz to electronic. Inspired by masterpieces from all eras, the musicians, with trumpet, recorder, keyboards, synthesizer and drums, capture different musical essences and bring them into the present in new forms. Chez Fría combine ancient themes, from Hildegard von Bingen, John Dowland and Johann Sebastian Bach, with their own new compositions, sometimes exploiting the possibilities of live electronics and sometimes focusing on individual sound elements. They are often guided by the long history of musical improvisation. Thus, the concert tries to find the missing link that connects contemporary improvisation with the centuries-old practice of performance, merging the future with history.

World premiere 


Sit Fast
Die Kunst der Fuge


Lorenz Widauer trumpet
Felix Gutschi recorder
Ferdinand Rauchmann keys, synthesizer
Maximilian Rehrl bass, synthesizer
Paul Widauer drums
sound Nikolaus Schweiger
production Mittelfest2022
Photo © Isabelle von Spreckelsen