Mittelfest — Dance

Drunken Master

Noah Chorny

Park - Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono
20 minutes
29/07 - 18:00
29/07 - 19:30
30/07 - 18:00
30/07 - 19:30

In Drunken Master, acrobat Noah Chorny has drunk more schnapps than he should, and tipsy and doddery decides to climb onto a lantern, almost as unstable as he is, with the aim of lighting it. Equipped only with his body and a small match, like a skilled jockey, he rides a six-metre high lamppost in the Convitto park, swinging dangerously on the heads of the audience. The inevitable tumble is just around the corner! Spectators only have to hold their breath and follow the acrobatics between heaven and earth of this wacky character.

Italian premiere

In case of bad weather, the show will be held at the same venue inside the marquee

Show part of the Family Project
for all ages


by and with Noah Chorny

production Vertical Theater

photo © Rudi Schuerewegen