Mittelfest — Music


Enrico Malatesta

Chiesa di San Giovanni in Xenodochio
50 minutes
24/07 - 19:00

Clessidra (Hourglass) is a sound performance freely inspired by the short stories of the Serbian poet and writer Danilo Kiš, considered among the most significant Yugoslav writers. On stage Enrico Malatesta and Lucia Fontanelli, through the use of objects, percussion, voice, walkman and small speakers, create a sound environment synergic with the performance action and space, in which Kiš’s words are freed from the need to narrate to become sound, atmosphere, resonance.

World premiere


sound performance / concert freely inspired by the short stories of Danilo Kiš

by Enrico Malatesta


Enrico Malatesta, percussion, objects, playback devices

Lucia Fontanelli, voice

production Mittelfest2023

photo © Enrico Malatesta