Mittelfest — Workshop

tightrope-walking workshop “Philippe Petit” (5/9 years)

Circo all'inCirca

Orto delle Orsoline
2 hours
31/08 - 10:30
01/09 - 10:30

Curated by Valentina Bomben

“Philippe Petit” tightrope-walking workshop (31 August-1 September).

The three circus workshops are based on the theme of the legacy left by great circus figures. For this reason, each workshop refers to a figure who in some way changed the history of their discipline. “Enrico Rastelli” workshop consists of two juggling lessons, “Philippe Petit” workshop consists of two lessons on tightrope walking, “Antoinette Concello” workshop consists of two lessons to approach the discipline of trapeze. The workshops are led by Valentina Bomben, trainer at the circus arts centre “Circo all’inCirca” in Udine.

Free admission with reservations required. Register here.