Mittelfest —

Opening Ceremony
Mittelfest Inevitabile 

Chiesa di San Francesco
22/07 - 18:30

Inevitabile (Inevitable) – or ‘every destiny is a choice’ – is the theme of the 2023 edition of Mittelfest, which meanwhile continues its run towards 2025, a fateful year for the many cultures of a border region like Friuli Venezia Giulia. In continuity with the last two years, the festival is also dedicating 2023 to a Central European country, bearing witness to the dialogue that animates this territory: it is the turn of Hungary.  
Inevitabile, inevitable, then, is a thought for Giorgio Pressburger: the festival’s first artistic director and a man of high culture and authentically Mitteleuropean, who has dedicated his life, as a writer, director and translator, to the exchange and mutual discovery between Hungary, his native country, and Italy, his chosen homeland. 

Free admission with registration required