Mittelfest — Music

Cadenza perfetta

Conservatorio Statale di musica Jacopo Tomadini di Udine

Chiesa di San Francesco
65 minutes
27/07 - 19:00

Refined baroque geometries precipitate into the memorability of certain pop passages, while the mellowness of rock melodies conceals the ancient texture of the music of European courts. It is an inevitable game of mirrors throughout the centuries, from the 17th century of Pachelbel and Vivaldi, through the 18th century of Bach and Telemann to Aphrodite’s Child and Fabrizio De André. It is a rapid tumble through the time of European musical history, the one imagined by Conservatorio Tomadini in Udine. It is a ‘perfect cadence’ (Cadenza perfetta) that binds the Baroque age and the second 20th century in a specular harmonic texture.


with students and teachers of Conservatorio Statale di musica Jacopo Tomadini in Udine

production Conservatorio Statale di Musica Jacopo Tomadini in Udine

in collaboration with Accademia Antonio Ricci, Fondazione de Claricini Dornpacher