Mittelyoung — Theater

17 selfie dalla fine del mondo

Riccardo Tabilio

Chiostro di Santa Maria dei Battuti
60 minutes
13/05 - 18:00
14/05 - 18:00

What will tomorrow be like? What will it be like when we are at the other end of a climate catastrophe that science and the media have been announcing for decades? Does there really exist an ‘other end’, a day after which everything will have happened? Does a gradual and inexorable sinking await us? 17 selfie dalla fine del mondo (17 selfies from the end of the world) offers a range of predictions: bottled messages, bulletins, postcards, snapshots from a possible future to compose a choral narrative of the end of the world. The audience, in the intimate and collective dimension of the audio-guided performance, will be led to play, get excited and fantasize about what will happen, and about what we can perhaps still do for the planet and its inhabitants.

World premiere

Standing show, audio-guided with headphones. Comfortable clothing recommended

Performed in Italian


text and sound design Riccardo Tabilio

voice Giuseppe Palasciano

with contributions and voices by Alice Cafarelli, Caterina Bertolano, Chiara De Paolis, Elisa Pussini, Eva Luna Torres, Giada Nardini, Greta Bernardelle, Krizia Conchione, Luca Ottorogo, Monica Chialchia, Sara Beltramini, Sara Berghignan, Veronica Turcutti and Vittoria Cedron. Participants in the writing workshop organized at Convitto Nazionale Paolo Diacono in Cividale del Friuli

scientific consultancy Matteo Carzedda, Andrea Vico

sound recording Gioele Maiorca

project promoted by Quarantasettezeroquattro

in collaboration with Mittelfest2022 for Mittelyoung

in the framework of the project Realtà Aumentate

financed by Friuli Venezia Giulia Region