Mittelyoung — Dance

107 Ways to Deal with Pressure 

Kanta Company

Teatro Verdi di Gorizia
30 minutes
15/05 - 17:00

In this show there will be three of us in a space, that is too small for us anyway.
You will watch us and we will watch you.
You will have expectations, we will try to live up to them. 
We will press hands, heads, bodies, objects.
We will press you to applaud and we will press ourselves to show the best we can do. 
We have prepared a list to deal with all this, so it will be easier for you.
What to choose from the list?
Maybe number 19, escaping? Or number 101, faking an illness?
We have 107 different ways to deal with pressure.

Italian premiere

Show with interventions in English


directed by Tim Lenkiewicz

circus artists Lyla Goldman, Aino Mäkipää, Kęstas Matusevičius

lighting design Pijus Vasiliauskas

music composition Elena Neniškytė

production Kanta Company

with the support of Mittelfest2022